Boring in the Street

Many way to remove the boredom, one of them is spend the time with family, neighbors, or office mate. So many thing we can do, like eating at restorants or chatting at internet cafe, or just walk arround at the mall to find something device for your car.  the simple way is pick up the phone and call your friends and then you can talk about hot issue, political, celebrities, or what ever.  certainly, you had spend you time with them and your money too ( dont forget to recharge your phone pulse  :) )    

But, what about if you and your family are in the journey  ( i mean travelling with your car), what will be there to do? of course the most easy is maximize what is in your car. We can listen to the music or watching movie at DVD. Of course, if you as a driver is not recommended to wacthing it (too big risk)

If you aware of this condition from the beginning, you must prefer everything before traveling, you must ensure that DVD Player in good condition, and do not forget to bring interesting movie for your family, like kid movies (Ice Age, Kungfu Panda, Cars, or Tom & Jerry), 

Ok. have a nice trip. and do not forget to maintenance your multimedia accesories in your car.

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