How care is your love

Let's talk about the love, since long long time ago, it's never end to talk about love.  Sometimes we hear a love story with happy ending, and manytimes we hear sad ending. 
people, most of them looking for the methode "how to take care of their love". egoism, "me first" is a bad attitude, sometimes makes the love finish earlier
now, let we tell you, what kind of recipe that we need to maintain our love. the keyword is GIVING

By giving, we can make her understand that we actually care of  her. what should we give?
manything, can be gifts, attention, trust and other
focus a few, we discuss about attention and gift, 
women feel happy if she got a attention and gift, especially it related with private/personal needs

in particular days, please try to give something special, like clothes or shoes that she want for along time, I recommed you to make a surperise in a special momment and dont forget to invite her to holiday at weekend.

I hope it works
Say my hello to your girl..

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Anonymous said...

memang yang namanya cinta itu gak akan pernah terdengar kuno om. dia bakalan selalu ada dizaman apapun.
btw. pa kbar om? selimut jepang kita laris manis kan?